Breed standards

The standard of a race is the whole of details of morphology and patterns expressed by individuals belonging to a particular animal race.

The standards are written by the associations or the books of the origins, in agreement with the concerned judges, breeding clubs and breeders.

You can look up the different breed standards of the Ragdoll, published by the LOOF, the FIFe, the WCF and the TICA, by clicking on the link of each association.

There are only little differences between one standard and another.
Individual breed characteristics are nevertheless predominant when participating in exhibitions, depending on the organising standards association.

LOOF : Standard LOOF (Livre Officiel des Origines Félines = official book of feline origins)

FIFé : Standard FIFé (Fédération Internationale Féline = international feline association)

WCF : Standard WCF (World Cat Federation)

TICA : Standard TICA (The International Cat Association)