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Welcome to Cattery ROYAL BLUE

Our breeding is located in Belgium (Walloon Brabant) about +/- 100 km from the French-Belgian, the German-Belgian and the Belgian-Dutch borders.

We breed "Traditional" Ragdolls in the colours Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Blue/Cream, Lilac/Cream.
From time to time we will also have a few "Mink" Ragdoll kittens, Seal and/or Blue.

We offer kittens in the patterns Colourpoint, Bicolour, Mitted and in the varieties Tabby (lynx).

All our reproducers are from renowned "Grand Champion" lines and are very titled themselves.
Among other prestigious titles our breeding counts 8 titles of "World Champion" to his palmares.
Our cattery is represented in France, Germany, Zwitserland, England, Russia and China.

Our breeding policy is based on a research of quality in the phenotype, genotype as well as character.
Thanks to a rigorous selection of our reproducers, we are able to offer not only beautiful, but also healthy and balanced kittens with a very mild character, specific to the Ragdoll.

At the origin, the Ragdoll is a large, massive, muscular and impressive cat.
However, one encounters increasingly Ragdolls with a medium or even small size.
We do not adhere to this trend, and we strive to give birth to large Ragdolls.

Compared to the "traditional" look of the Ragdoll, we prefer the more current look "TEDDY BEAR".
It is mainly characterized by a more voluminous head obtained with more developed jowls, and smaller ears positioned more towards the side of the head.
This give it a wider head, thus highlighting "good teddy bear" character of this sweet giant.
It's these look "TEDDY BEAR" we are trying to produce.

We breed by passion and we focus on quality instead of quantity.
Our top priorities are the welfare and health of our cats.

Our Ragdoll kittens, like their parents, are raised as members of our family, with lots of love and hugs.
They are handled and cuddled since their birth, accustomed to dogs and confronted with all the noises and domestic situations.
So they leave for their new homes fully socialized and they will become little companions "well in their fur".

Our reproducers are tested negative for FIV and FeLV.
They have been also genetically tested and are of course exempt from HCM and PKD.

If you would like to obtain further information or come and see our Ragdolls, don't hesitate to contact us.
We will gladly inform or welcome you.

You can also join us on Facebook to see more pictures of our cats ---> (ROYAL BLUE RAGDOLLS)