Conditions of sales

Our Ragdoll kittens may be reserved from the age of 6 weeks, provided a deposit be made and a sales contract be signed.
You will find all details about it under the section "RESERVATION".

They may leave the cattery at 12 weeks as long as their size/growth allows it.
They are then completely weaned, clean, independent and fully socialized.

The kittens are:
- Spayed or neutered (pet and show kittens)
- Dewormed many times
- Vaccinated 2 times against typhus, coryza and feline leukemia.
A 3rd booster vaccination remains to be done by its new family at 12-13 weeks, hence enabling its veterinary to confirm that the kitten is in very good health.

NB: The kittens going abroad are vaccinated 3 times against typhus, coryza and feline leukemia.
They will also be inoculated against rabies.
They can leave the breeding slightly before the age of 4 months (mandatory inoculation against rabies + incubation period of 21 days).

They are sold with:
- a pedigree WCF (World Cat Federation)
- a European passport
- a sales contract with warranty
- a certificate of identification (microchip)
- a certificate of good health signed by our veterinarian
- a kitten kit (food + toys)

At the request and expense of the purchaser (at breeder price) we can perform additional tests such as DNA testing, blood type, ...

The price balans of the kitten is payable no later than 7 days before the kitten's departure. (The deadline for payment is specified on the sales contract).
If the payment has not been received by the defined date, the sale shall be null and void and the kitten will be proposed again for sale.

The deposit will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the sales by the buyer, for whatever reason or in case of non-payment of the price balans on the date provided in the contract of sale.
The deposit will be kept by the cattery as compensation for decreased odds to be able to sell the cat.
It will of course be refunded if we are unable to provide the kitten reserved or if we decide not to sell the kitten anymore, whatever the reason (less any costs that we have had and occasioned by the buyer).

We reserve the right to refuse or to cancel a reservation/sales without having to justify ourselves, if potential purchasers and / or their lifestyle do not seem appropriate to welcome one of our baby Ragdolls.