Registration on waiting list:

As we are having more requests than available kittens, we are currently working with a waiting list.

If you are interested in a kitten from our breeding and you want to register on this list, send us an email and mention your preference (gender, colour, coat, variety) as well as your contact information : email address, telephone number.

Specify whether you want a pet kitten or a show kitten and let us know a little about your family, your activities, your pets, ...
This will allow us to assess whether your occupation and your family composition are compatible with the welcoming of a Ragdoll.
Our only goal is to find the best suited home for our kittens.

We contact the families back as soon as we have a kitten to propose them, which corresponds to their wishes.

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With regard to the effective reservations, they only take place once the kittens have reached the age of 6 weeks; the colours, paterns, markings and quality (pet, show, ...) can't be determined earlier because the kittens are born all white.

The reservation of a kitten involves the signature of a sales contract and the payment of a deposit within 3 days.
After this deadline, if we have not received the payment, the kitten will again be available for sale.

Amount of the reservation deposit:
- 600,00 euro for a pet kitten (700,00 euro for a pet kitten destined abroad)
- 800,00 euro for a show or show/breeder kitten destinated to Europe

To reserve a kitten, means for us, we no longer offer it for sale and we shall refuse it to other interested people.
Therefore, the reservation deposit will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the sales by the buyer, whatever reason.
It will of course be refunded if we are unable to provide the kitten reserved or if we decide not to sell the kitten anymore, whatever the reason (less any costs that we have had and occasioned by the buyer).