Ragdolls kittens available

Actually we have Ragdoll kittens available.

If you are interested by a kitten from our actual litter, you can contact us.
You can also register on our waiting list for a kitten from one of our next litters (More info under the page "Reservation").

Whatever the quality of our kittens, all our Ragdolls kittens are purebred cats, sold with pedigree, sales contract and guarantee.

Pet Quality kitten:
A Pet quality kitten is a cat that has one or another small mismark defect (often minor) to the breed standard and has therefore not all the qualities to compete in shows or for breeding. It nevertheless still remains a beautiful cat which will make any person most happy who has no intent of participating in shows .
It is sold spayed or neutered.

Show Quality kitten:
This is a kitten of exceptional quality, meeting the criteria of the breed standard and which possesses all the qualities needed to participate in exhibitions. However, despite the fact this kitten is very promising, no guarantee of results or titles can be given.
It is sold spayed or neutered.

Show / Breeder Quality kitten:
This is a Show Quality kitten (see above) having also the required morphology to procreate. He is sold not spayed / not neutered and with breeding rights defined in the sales contract. This kitten is also sold without any guarantee of results or titles.

NB: The price of the kittens is fixed according to their quality and not their destination.
Example: A "Show Quality kitten" destined as a pet will not be sold at the price of a "Pet Quality kitten" but at the price of a "Show Quality kitten".


In observation:
The kitten is in observation the time required to determine its quality.

The Ragdoll kitten is available and can be reserved.

A person is interested in the kitten.
An option is granted till the kitten can be visited.
Come back to view the status a few days later, it might be "Available" again.

The kitten is reserved and is therefore no longer available for sale.